Awards 2022

Awards 2022


Grand Prix Femina International Women’s Film Festival of the International Competition

Nanu Tudor, by Olga Lucovnicova, Belgium/Portugal/Hungary
By finding the reality of many in the private and in the intimacy, cinema appears as a denunciation but also as a cure. The Grand Prix of the International Competition goes to My Uncle Tudor.

Special Jury Award of the International Competition

Унинг Хукуки, by Saodat Ismailova, Uzbekistan
For the editing that creates a ritual of transfiguration of time through cinema, the Special Jury Award goes to Her Right.

Best International Direction

Grace Passô, for República, Brazil
For the authorship of a scene that refabulates the reality between contemporary dystopia and Afrofuturism, the Best International
Direction award goes to Grace Passô, for Republic.

Best International Female Participation

Ale Ulman & Amalia Ulman, for El Planeta, Spain/USA
For the joint performance of the protagonists enhancing the mise-en-scène and the strangeness of scene which opens new ways of seeing, the Best International Female Participation award goes to Ale Ulman and Amalia Ulman for El Planeta.


Grand Prix Femina International Women’s Film Festival of the National Competition

República (Republic), by Grace Passô, SP
For making a profound synthesis of the current Brazil through a disruptive and absolutely provocative narrative.

Special Jury Award of the National Competition

Kevin, by Joana Oliveira, MG
For the courageously intimate content and aesthetics and for the beautiful record of a friendship that resists time and distance.

ex aequo

Não moro mais aqui (I Don’t Live Here Anymore), by Laura de Araújo, PE
It moves us by treating a dense subject in such a beautiful and delicate way, weaving poetry.

Best National Direction

Renata Pinheiro, for Carro rei (King Car), PE
For the creative, original cinematographic grammar, and for the construction of high-impact sequences.

Best National Female Participation

Débora Ingrid, for Mares do desterro (Seas of the Banished), SC
For the brilliant performance and ability to bring out the greatness of the film within herself.