Femina – International Women´s Film Festival is a competitive festival for works directed by women. It is the first event of its kind in Brazil and Latin America. Besides showing the work of Brazilian women filmmakers, broadening its visibility and opening space for the Brazilian feminine cinema abroad, it brings to Brazil the foreign production.

This edition of the festival will take place exclusively online in a streaming platform, available only in Brazil.

May 2-9, 2022

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MAY 02 TO 09, 2022


Pejzaži otpora (Landscapes of Resistance), by Marta Popivoda, France/Serbia/Germany, 2021


Comme un fleuve (Flowing Home), by Sandra Desmazières, France/Canada, 2021

Dans la rivière (Step into the River), by Weijia Ma, France/China, 2020

Die Welt ist an ihren Rändernblau (The world is blue at its edges), by Iris Blauensteiner& Christine Moderbacher, Austria, 2021

El Planeta, by Amalia Ulman, Spain/USA, 2021

Frimas, by Marianne Farley, Canada, 2021

Hayaletler (Ghosts), by Azra Deniz Okyay, Turkey/France/Qatar, 2020

Nanu Tudor (My Uncle Tudor), by Olga Lucovnicova, Belgium/Portugal/Hungary, 2021

Pour Elsa (For Elsa), byCarmen Leroi, France, 2020

Radiograph of a Family, by Firouzeh Khosrovani, Switzerland/Iran/Norway, 2020

Selini, 66 erotiseis (Moon, 66 Questions), by Jacqueline Lentzou, Greece/France, 2020

The Vibrant Village, by Weronika Jurkiewicz, Poland/Hungary, 2019

Untitled Sequence of Gaps, by Vika Kirchenbauer, Germany, 2020

Yuni, by Kamila Andini, Indonesia/France/Singapore/Australia, 2021

Унинг Хукуки (Her Right), by Saodat Ismailova, Uzbekistan, 2020

朵丽 (Lili Alone), byZou Jing, China/Hong Kong/Singapore, 2021


Carro Rei (King Car), by Renata Pinheiro,2021

Celularrr (Cell Phone), by Darks Miranda, 2020

Céu de Agosto (August Sky), by Jasmin Tenucci, 2020

Cósmica (Cosmic), by Ana Bárbara Ramos, 2022

Da janela vejo o mundo (From the Window I See the World), by Ana Catarina Lugarini, 2021

Desterro, by Maria Clara Escobar, 2020

Henriqueta, by Anna Azevedo, 2021

Kevin, by Joana Oliveira, 2021

Lora, by Mari Moraga, 2020

Mares do Desterro (Seas of the Banished), bySandra Alves, 2020

Não moro mais aqui (I Don’t Live Here Anymore), by Laura de Araújo, 2019

O Dendê do Mestre Didi (Master Didi’s Dendê), by Beth Formaggini, 2021

Rã (Frogs), by Ana Flavia Cavalcanti & Julia Zakia, 2020

República (Republic), by Grace Passô, 2020

Saudade do Futuro (Saudade for the Future), by Anna Azevedo, 2021


Splitting the Bill

Resplendor (Splendour), by Claudia Nunes & Erico Rassi, 2019

Vaga Carne (Dazed Flesh), by Grace Passô & Ricardo Alves Jr., 2019

It’s Women I Like

Aonde vão os pés (Walking Through), by Débora Zanatta, 2020

Sorry Mom, by Sarah Lajoie-Asselin, Canada, 2021

Trópico de Capricórnio (Tropic of Capricorn), by Juliana Antunes, 2020

Uma paciência selvagem me trouxe até aqui (A Wild Patience Has Taken Me Here), by Érica Sarmet, 2021


A Hidra do Iguaçu (The Iguaçu Hydra), by Cristiana Miranda, 2020

Corps Samples, by Astrid de la Chapelle, France, 2021

Fogo contra fogo (Fire Against Fire), by Rebecca Moure, 2021

Labor of Love, by Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany, 2020

Passagem (Passage), by Tânia Dinis, Portugal, 2021

Rever (See Again), by Raquel Gandra, 2020

Self Portrait with Bag, by Dianna Barrie, Australia, 2020

The Garden of Curiousities, by Anastasia Ferguson, Canada, 2021

y un gato de porcelana… (And a Porcelain Cat…), by Juana Robles, Spain, 2020

拾遗记 (One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean), by Yuyan Wang, France/China, 2021

Homageto Tata Amaral

Hoje, by Tata Amaral, 2011

Accessibility Screening

A mulher da luz própria (The Woman With Her Own Light), by Sinai Sganzerla, 2019

Seremos ouvidas (We Will Be Heard), byLarissa Nepomuceno, 2020